Oxygen Mini Tutorial

Adding and Editing Elements

Basics refer to static individual elements such as text and images.

Helpers refer to more complex elements

The WordPress section will pull data from the WordPress database into the oxygen page. The data cannot be added on the spot. (For example, in order to edit the menu, you need to go to the menu page)

The Library consists of several fully styled webpages. It is good to look at these design sites for inspiration for your own website.

Finally, Reusable elements are for specific elements that the user has created and wants to use on different parts of the website. In the screenshot, it is blank because the user has not created any reusable elements

Selecting Elements

When you click on a structure, a column will appear on your right-hand side. This column will contain the HTML structure of your website. You can expand each element and select an element, and the element that you have selected will be highlighted in purple.

When you click on the accordion, this menu will appear. The first option allows the user to make the element into a new reusable component.

Additionally, the user can drag and drop each component to reorder them within the webpage.