Oxygen Mini Tutorial

Overview of the Oxygen Interface

This is what the whole oxygen interface looks like

This is what the Oxygen interface looks like. On the left-hand side, you are able to Add new elements to your webpage.

The left side of the oxygen interface allows the user to add new elements (if the user clicks on the Add button), as well as change the styles of any element that is currently selected.

The right-hand side of the oxygen interface allows the user to save the current page by clicking on Save.

It is important to note that the page is automatically saved on his own. So the user has to periodically click on the save button in order to save their work.

Additionally, when clicking on the Structure button, a column will appear at the right side of the interface. Which will then allow the user to select, edit, and reorder elements with greater precision.

We will examine each of these functions in the following lessons.

Here is a summary of everything that you can do in oxygen and how you can go about doing it.